Filming My First Spanish Soap Opera/ Mi Primera Novela

I started this project a couple months ago by writing a novel then transferred it to a script with intension to film it. Luckily patience is one of my biggest and greatest traits because film production is by far one of the most tedious endeavors one can pursue. I was lucky that another friend let me borrow their expensive camera equipment which saved me a lot of money and my team worked for food and gas money. One of my best friends was kind enough to help me by playing the participating actress and for her that was quite a challenge, she has no experience in acting and not much of an interest either. After a full week of approximately 10 hours in total of practice we got our lines down. Take into consideration that this was only ONE scene of 3 minutes. Filming took us about four hours and editing another seven hours.  I am pleased with what we accomplished given our limited resources, I only expect for me to continue to get better at this and soon be working with bigger productions. I would love to hear you opinions and critics so that I could improve. 


Empecé este proyecto hace un par de meses escribiendo una novela luego fue trasladado a un guión con la intensión de grabarlo. Por suerte la paciencia es uno de mis talentos más grandes, porque la producción de películas es por una de las tareas más tediosas que uno puede seguir. Tuve la suerte de que otro amigo me prestó su costoso equipo de cámara que me salvó un montón de dinero y mi equipo trabajó por con alimentos y el dinero para el gas. Unas de mis mejores amigos fue tan amable de ayudarme jugando la actriz participante y para ella eso era todo un reto, ella no tiene experiencia en la actuación y tampoco no mucho de un interés. Después de una semana llena de aproximadamente 10 horas en total de práctica  nos aprendimos nuestras linias. Tome en cuenta que esto sólo es una escena de 3 minutos. Grabar nos llevó cerca de cuatro horas y editar otros siete horas. Estoy satisfecha con lo que hemos logrado con nuestros limitados recursos, sólo espero mejorar en esto y pronto a trabajar con producciones más grandes. Me encantaría escucharte opiniones y críticos para  mejorar.

Chicago, Illinois

Visiting Chicago this past March 2015 opened many doors in career ideas. As I get closer to graduating from San Francisco State University I have found it rather overwhelming the thought of "what will I do with my degree next?" I had a conversation with my grandmother explaining to her how lost I felt and she comforted me by saying "dear you are a bright, young and most importantly people person, you'll find your nitch." She must have mentioned to her daughter Azusena (which is my aunt/tia) about my concerns. Tia Azucena and uncle Refugio back in Mexico from my fathers side own a business where they supply everything and anything you need to bake the company is called El Nivel Premias Materias. My early introduction to baking explains my interest in the magic of producing baked goods. Once my father got his citizenship in the USA settle we started to spend most of our summer in Nayarit, Mexico. As a young teen I'd volunteer to assist the pastry instructors at my aunts school with an outcome of learning many techniques and rules that baking requires. The school now runs various classes starting from teaching professional bakers, to mothers/fathers interested in baking for their families, to children. Tia Azucena and Tio Refugio invited me to join them to a convention held every year at the McCormick Place where different vendors showcase their products to buyers like El Nivel. I was put in charge of translating, asking questions, organizing quotes and introducing El Nievel to the varies USA companies that we purchase product from.  After long hours of touring around this massive center I  would take my aunt and uncle out to the city and explore. Both my tia and tio were very impressed with my work ethics and ability to interact with others in business that he proposed I be the USA representative for EL Nivel Premias Materias. I took the title with great honor and now I hope to help our family business grow with all my extended knowledge and talent that I have. 

My Website

Today is a really exciting day for me, after extended amount of hours of work my website is finally up and running. I must send a special shout out to Dylan the website designer whom worked it out with me by using an easy and affordable website called I'm eager to share weekly updates on my life journey and things that interest me. I hope you find my website insightful.